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How to choose your COLORBOND® steel roof colour Harley Anstee FDIA, Nexus Designs

Choosing your COLORBOND® steel roof colour can be a very enjoyable process if approached in a logical manner.

Choosing your COLORBOND® steel roof colour can be a very enjoyable process if approached in a logical manner. COLORBOND® steel has 22 designer colours split into classic or contemporary palettes.

  1. Once you have decided on your house style whether it’s a contemporary composite style, a heritage or classic style, a ranch or farmhouse look a modern beach house or simply a traditional design; you can be sure there will be a COLORBOND® steel colour that works for your home style. Visit the explore section to find colour inspiration and the create with colour section to narrow down your colour options. 
  2. Consider your surrounding landscape and environment.

    For example, the colour may be one of the COLORBOND® steel grey/green colours if your country style house with surroundings verandahs is located in a treed area. COLORBOND® steel Woodland Grey® or Pale Eucalypt® would be ideal. Alternatively you may choose to contrast the roof colour with the environment; Manor Red® would be a perfect choice in this case as it's also a traditional roof colour for a farmhouse. 

    Choosing a roof colour for an outer suburban house may depend on several factors – the design of the house, the surrounding environment including the streetscape, houses nearby, other finishes already selected and your personal preferences. Jasper®, Monument®, Dune®, and Ironstone® are contemporary colours that co-ordinate extremely well with the popular composite style found in many suburbs.
  3. Make sure you consider the other external finishes with your roof selection, e.g. the wall finish - brick, timber weatherboard, stone, render, and COLORBOND® steel walling.

    You may have already selected some of these finishes prior to the selection of the roof colour and therefore co-ordination is vital. Collecting actual samples of all the materials and finishes and assembling them will help you determine the final scheme. You will then have your own individual ‘Colour and Finishes’ Board.

    Paint colours are another consideration and need to be integrated into the overall colour and finishes scheme. Add these colours to your ‘Colour and Finishes’ Board.
  4. It’s a good idea to have a checklist with all the major components of the house listed and this will assist you in assembling your colour and finishes palette including:
    • Roof
    • Walls
    • Fascia, gutter and downpipes
    • Garage door
    • Window frames
    • Fence
    • Front door
    • Feature panel
  5. When selecting your roof colour remember COLORBOND® steel colours set the standard for many other building products.
  6. Garage door manufacturers, major paint companies, window frame manufacturers, fencing and shedding suppliers and water tank manufacturers have many, if not all of the COLORBOND® steel colours in their range.
  7. This makes co-ordination so much easier when selecting colours. You can even have your timber fence or verandah post painted/stained in a matching COLORBOND® steel colour.

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