The Colour Journey Christine McCoy

In this Podcast, Belinda McDougall discusses the journey she and Wisdom Homes takes clients on to build their dream home. What inspires them & in turn how they inspire their customers!

Listen below to hear the vibrant conversation, Belinda is so passionate about her role in guiding clients to find the best outcome for their home by putting her heart and soul into every project.

A taste of The Colour Journey

Belinda McDougall: A lot of people say to me, I've got the best job. And you know - I think I do! Helping someone build their dream is just the best…We lay out all the colours that the clients pick for the externals of the house – starting from the top and working our way down. So, for example, we would have a COLORBOND® steel sample for the roof, then we would have another sample for the fascia, and the gutter. Then you'll have a couple of pieces of the brick, and then you might have a sample of the window colour, they will put that up on the brick…Then we might go and get a sample of the paint colour for the render. And we'll put that next to the brick or roughly where it's going to be going on the home. ... Once you put them all together, you can actually see what your house is going to look like when it's finished…

It's not just about building a house anymore and just having it standing there. It's now about building a house that's going to suit your living - whether it be for entertaining, or putting in a granny flat. We're even putting lifts in homes now to suit people for when they get older because they need a double storey but they don't be walking up and down the stairs. So, it's all about your lifestyle or how you're going to think that your lifestyle is going to be in 5 to 10 years…

Even though we do it every day, clients are so different. Every journey is personal. And we make sure that they're confident and happy with what they've picked when they leave…

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Belinda (L) and Christine (R).
'Calm Oasis' Flatlay: In her role at Wisdom Homes, Belinda explains that by laying out all the colours for a client using flatlays, "you can actually see what your house will look like". The flatlay she has put together reflects combinations of trending pale and warm colours and textures using COLORBOND® steel Matt Dune® and Surfmist® as the starting point of this calm and grounding palette. Bringing together materials like limewashed bricks, curved surfaces, warm coloured timbers and accent colours of the native bushland this is a palette she feels will suit many home designs, creating the sanctuary her clients hope to achieve when designing their homes.
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