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COLORBOND® steel. Colours of Australia. Flatlay Image by: Johanna De Mello

Colours of Australia

Inspired by the natural colours and forms of its most unique landscapes, COLORBOND® steel colours are seen throughout the natural Australian environment.

Whether you’re inspired by the coast, the mountain ranges, the open plains or the snow fields; you can find a COLORBOND® steel colour that works for you. COLORBOND® steel effortlessly bridges exterior and interior palettes and balances beautifully with an endless array colours, textures and characteristics that are inspired by the beautiful Australian landscape.

Images above belong to:

  • Johanna DeMello (Hero Image)
  • Lydia Fulgid
  • Rebecca Dunn
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Blinker House' by Alchemy Architecture. Profile: LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305®. Walling: COLORBOND® steel cladding in the colour Night Sky®. Architect: Alchemy Architecture. Photographer: Luc Redmond. Builder & Trades: Enter Building Group

We love to showcase examples of COLORBOND® steel being used all over Australia - in many different applications, and home styles.

Mid Tone Flatlay with COLORBOND® steel in Basalt®  and Shale Grey®

Naturally inspired and evocative, these earthy mid tones pay tribute to our country’s quintessential palette and blend beautifully with the landscape.

Pale Tone Flatlay with COLORBOND® steel in Classic Cream™ and Woodland Grey®

These pale tones are naturally inspired, light and equally at home on contemporary or heritage buildings.

Deep Tone Flatlay with COLORBOND® steel in Cottage Green® and Windspray®

Deep tones, bold and dark, are increasingly popular in both urban and rural locations.