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Beach at sunset
Stunning new colours, inspired by Australia

COLORBOND® steel is excited to launch a new and refreshed colour palette, which includes stunning new colours such as Dover White™, Southerly® and Bluegum®. Inspired by Australia’s unique landscape, these new colours bring a fresh direction to the COLORBOND® steel palette, along with the durability to perform in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.

Dover white over beach and standing seam profile

Dover White™ is inspired by the untouched chalky sands, the smooth bark of ghost gums and pristine alpine snow. It is crisp and timeless.

Southerly name over profile and sky image

Southerly® is a cool grey with pale tones providing abundant possibilities in residential designs. It enhances concrete and pale timbers while contrasting with rich-coloured brick, offering elegance and functionality.

Bluegum standing seam profile and bushland

Bluegum® is a relaxed blue grey with a calming mid tone, reminiscent of the shades of mountain gums. It provides immediate versatility and style, coordinating easily with dark timbers and naturally honed stone finishes.

Explore and discover
Residence,  Robert Street, Freshwater, NSW. COLORBOND® steel colour Windspray® in a Classic finish

Your roof is one of your home’s largest features, and provided the ideal opportunity to create a distinctive look and add to your homes street appeal. Not only does a durable roof made from COLORBOND® steel offer years of protection, the choice of colours and finishes allows you to truly create a memorable experience from outside to in.

BBW House, Geelong  clad in COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® in a Classic finish. Rollformer/Fabricator:  Steeline JH Stephenson Aussie Roof Co Pty. Built by Wilson. Installer: Clint Humphrey (CH Roofing). Architect: Tecture

No matter what style of home you’re building or renovating, there’s a COLORBOND® steel colour, finish and profile perfect for you. COLORBOND® steel’s Inspired Homes or Renovations & Additions colour charts will provide you a range of inspired homes that all feature COLORBOND® steel, as well an entire colour palette for you to select from.

Pale Tone Flatlay with COLORBOND® steel Dover White®, Bluegum® in Matt Finish and Cottage Green®

Like many home builders or renovators, seeking inspiration is an important part of building your homes design and making something that is truly yours. We’d like to inspire you on your journey with gallery, videos, flay lays, colour stories and more to help you create and inspired design that can be enjoyed by you and your family for year to come.

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COLORBOND® steel’s Design Visualiser is a tool to help you bring your design vision to life. Select the home option that closely resembles your project, and then play with different colour combinations and explore the variety of profiles available for your roofing, walling and fencing and how they can all work together.

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