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We love to showcase examples of COLORBOND® steel being used all over Australia - in many different applications, and home styles. Thank you to all of the architects, designers, homeowners and builders who have shared their projects with us!

COLORBOND® steel colour and design consultant, Christine McCoy discusses ‘The Colour Journey’ with Belinda McDougall, the head of the colour team at Wisdom Homes Canvas Quarter. Wisdom Homes are crafting homes for the Australian lifestyle.

COLORBOND® steel. Urban Oasis. Ayla Div

Urban colours showcase the strength and durability of the tough materials, with colours and textures that are eye-catching and timeless.

COLORBOND® steel. Tree Change

Dewy mornings, open space and endless starry nights- a Tree change is an appealing Australian dream.

COLORBOND® steel. Colours of Australia

Inspired by the natural colours and forms of its most unique landscapes, COLORBOND® steel colours are seen throughout the natural Australian environment.

Sandra Gage

Naturally inspired and evocative, these earthy mid tones pay tribute to our country’s quintessential palette and blend beautifully with the landscape.

Dreaming of Pale Tones

These pale tones are naturally inspired, light and equally at home on contemporary or heritage buildings.

The colours shown have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product as varying light conditions, screens and devices may affect colour tones and finishes. We recommend contacting your preferred supplier to confirm colour availability for your selected product and the most suitable material for your project. The content of these articles are based on statements made by the sources listed and are a reflection of their views and experience. Same/similar results are not guaranteed for each user and outcomes may vary across projects.