Garage doors that are secure, strong and beautiful

Your garage door is usually one of the most visible features of your home, so it's important that it looks the part. And whether you're coordinating colours with other COLORBOND® steel elements around your home, or with other building materials, the 22 colours can help you to easily co-ordinate your garage door with the rest of your home's colour scheme. But of course, it's not just great looks that matter. A garage door made from COLORBOND® steel will also give long life performance. Thanks to the five layer design of COLORBOND® steel, it provides corrosion resistance and a durable baked on paint finish, making it look great and it's easy to maintain.

Now available for garage doors in COLORBOND® steel Matt, a paint technology designed to diffuse light reflection, providing a softer appearance and true matt finish. Available in five colours ranging from light, medium to dark in depth of colour; COLORBOND® steel provides an elegant twist providing even greater design opportunities when combined with roofing and walling.