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Henley Homes 'Central Australian' themed flatlay. COLORBOND® steel

Henley Homes 'Central Australian' themed flatlay

Emma Hussey, Interior Designer and Colour Consultant from Henley Homes explains the colour scheme behind her flatlay that pays homage to the Central Australian Landscape:

"Inspiration for the colour palette has been drawn from the West MacDonnell Ranges which inspired the use of earthy green colours in carefully considered locations, while still blending in with the site’s existing surroundings.

COLORBOND® steel in the colour Mangrove® has been used externally for the roof and was selected to complement the existing landscape and surroundings of the area. The elemental colour pieced perfectly when considering the overall scheme and taking inspiration from the Central Australian Landscape. The COLORBOND® steel colour Dune® is introduced for the aluminium window finishes, as a softer neutral tone to complement the internal finishes. COLORBOND® steel Dune® also complements the Austral Hawthorn Cambridge Brick seamlessly. I believe all these elements entwined together have successfully created a design that deeply connects to the surrounding environment.

Having chosen COLORBOND® steel Mangrove® as a bold statement externally, a softer touch of colour was introduced internally with the beautiful addition of Laminex Seed Cabinetry to the kitchen. The subtle hue of green in the Dekton Tundra benchtop vein pieced the whole scheme together seamlessly. Timber shelves either side of the rangehood allowed us to introduce warmth into the space, while still contrasting perfectly to the oak floorboards. A considered use of colour to the wet areas with the introduction of Phoenix Zimi Mixers in “oatmeal”. The simple tonal colour scheme throughout has allowed the spaces to pair together effortlessly from room to room, as well as from the outside in.”

Images and content extracted from the above-mentioned source's entry into the “COLOUR AND DESIGN STORY” PROMOTION – August 2020



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