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Metricon Homes, VIC 'Pure Australiana Native' flatlay. COLORBOND® steel

Metricon Homes, VIC 'Pure Australiana Native' flatlay

Interior Designer at Metricon Homes, VIC, Tracey Ripper talks us through her flatlay and colour palette, and her decision to incorporate both COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Surfmist® and COLORBOND® steel in the colour Pale Eucalypt®

The design of this home was inspired by the Australian Bushland which has a huge impact on the lives of the many Australians living in regional areas. One of the main contributors for selecting native elements for the colour palette was to create a sense of calm and security in the home space. The concept of "Australiana" is a simple, yet timeless palette and in this instance, I've introduced more sustainable materials that can be applied to any aspect of the home and changed over time.

This colour palette connects strongly to the landscape and draws tones from here to create a sense of enlightenment and serenity, and a feeling of space and security.

A key element to this design starts with the COLORBOND® steel Matt roof in the colour Surfmist®. I've combined this subtle texture with the warm timber grains of the decking, the earthy brickwork and COLORBOND® steel fencing in the colour Pale Eucalypt®, which all work together to create a timeless modern country facade. The textured Terrazato tiling has been used both externally in the outdoor room, and internally into bathroom areas to create a sense of warmth and dimension. Subtle nourishing tones of green have also been continued throughout the fixtures and fittings of the home including ceramic above-counter basins, and feature wall cladding in the bedrooms.

COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Surfmist® has set the tone for this homes design and was used for the roofing, fascia, gutters and downpipes. Cognitively this colour creates a sense of calm and relaxation and by combining this with COLORBOND® steel in the colour Pale Eucalypt® we sought to emphasise the Native Australian theme. In addition to the stunning colour selections, COLORBOND® steel is also durable and can withstand the elements all year round. 

Content extracted from the above-mentioned source's entry into the “COLOUR AND DESIGN STORY” PROMOTION – August 2020