The Block 2019



The Block 2019 followed the transformation of the Oslo Hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne, from a grungy budget accommodation to modern luxury homes.


BlueScope was a sponsor and it was great to see COLORBOND® steel and TRUECORE® steel on The Block again!

Life on The Block

Life on The Block

Meet the team we partnered with on The Block 2019!
The front garden of House #3

Meet the team we partnered with for the 2019 season of The Block!

Fan favourites, Andy and Deb agreed to partner with BlueScope to produce some content of their experience throughout The Block 2019! “The Oslo” was the biggest building in the history of the show, with each house having four bedrooms, three living areas, three outdoor spaces and a double garage. Thankfully, Andy and Deb were no strangers to renovating or hard work!

Hailing from the mid-coast of NSW, Andy is a TAFE Administrator and stand-up comedian, and Deb runs her own fashion and homewares business alongside her sisters. On the side, they also completed five projects together prior to coming on The Block – three new house builds which all featured roofs made from COLORBOND® steel, and two other extensive renovation projects.


House #3 Media Room


Deb, a die-hard fan of The Block has never missed an episode or season of the show since it started. After convincing Andy to apply with her, the couple made it through the auditioning process and could not have been more surprised or happy that they made it through. Their four children were ecstatic too. “There was a lot of screaming when they found out that we were successful and that we had gotten on the show. They are all fans, especially our 9-year-old”, says Deb.

When quizzed about the biggest difference between watching and being on the show the couple agreed. “It’s real. It’s totally real” said Andy. “Basically, you are given a house, a car, a budget and access to some incredible sponsors and products and just allowed to go for it” continues Deb. “You can really do anything you want and that was a real surprise to us”.


House #3 Living and Dining Room


Thankfully given the short timeframes that The Block is famous for, Deb had a firm idea of the style that she wanted to achieve in their townhouse prior to coming on the show. “It’s like Palm Springs meets California Bungalow style” says Deb, “It’s a bit more grown up with lots of luxe finishes… and there’s a lot of natural light.”


House #3 Rooftop Terrace


The couple was very thankful for being able to discuss ideas and colours with COLORBOND® steel’s Colour and Design Consultant, Christine McCoy who visited the teams on site during the build. Said Deb, “There were beautiful mood boards put together and Christine just knew what colours and accents worked with all of the different COLORBOND® steel colours”. And of their selection of COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt for the courtyards, continued Deb, “We wrapped three walls in COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt - it goes from the ground floor right up through to the roof. The colour needed to be something that made an impact but wasn’t too overpowering, and Dune® was absolutely perfect because it’s so well matched with all of the greenery and timbers”. 

Congratulations to Andy and Deb for completing such a stunning renovation. We can't wait to see what you do next! 

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Thank you to our valued partners

Thank you

to our valued partners of The Block 2019
Our Partners

The participation of COLORBOND® steel and TRUECORE® steel in The Block has been made possible by the extensive support of our partners; Bayside Flashing & Ventilations + Metal Cladding Systems, Apex Group, Lysaght, B&D Garage Doors and Dynamic Steel Frame.


Bayside Flashing & Ventilations + Metal Cladding Systems

Bayside Flashing & Ventilations Pty Ltd has been offering sheet metal services in Victoria since 1986. They have also worked with The Block over several years. They are a family business still owned and operated by their founding director. In addition to rainwater goods, flashings and custom sheet metal work, via sister company, Metal Cladding Systems Pty Ltd., their fabrication offering includes architectural roof and wall panel products. Bayside Flashing & Ventilations Pty Ltd provided roofing, walling and rainwater goods for the Oslo. To find out more, please check out their websites: or

Apex Group

Apex Group was founded in 1994, is privately owned and prides itself on delivering a personal approach to service for their customers. Apex Group provided roofing for the Oslo.

To find out more, please check out their website.


Lysaght is a division of BlueScope and can trace its history in the steel industry back over 150 years. Operating from over 30 locations around Australia, they offer a diverse product range from roofing and walling, to structural formwork and home improvement products. Lysaght supplied the privacy screens and front fencing for the Oslo. To find out more, please check out their website.

B&D Garage Doors

B&D first pioneered Roll-A-Door technology over 60 years ago, and has been a leader in the garage door industry ever since. There’s a lovely history of innovation at B&D Garage Doors on their website here, as well as lots of information about their products, colour and design options, buying a door, and service and repairs. B&D provided garage doors for the Oslo.

To find out more, please check out their website.

Dynamic Steel Frame

Using TRUECORE® steel, Dynamic Steel Frame manufactures Light Gauge Steel framing systems for use in residential and commercial structures. Building with TRUECORE® steel, Dynamic Steel Frame are able to offer house framing that is 100% termite proof. With its high strength-to-weight ratio allowing for long spans, steel framing allows you to make use of available space with innovative design, large open living areas and non-conventional rooflines. And, whether you live in a bushfire zone or not, it’s reassuring to know that TRUECORE® steel won't 'catch fire', and may significantly reduce the amount of flammable material in a home. If you would like to see more examples of what Dynamic Steel Frame have been working on – check out the gallery page on their website. You will see everything from single storey homes to townhouses and multi-storey.

Thanks to Dynamic Steel Frame, for their assistance with this year’s build. The builders and contestants got hands-on experience of the benefits of using steel frames supplied by Dynamic Steel Frame.

To find out more, please check out their website.

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As seen on The Block 2019

Explore the COLORBOND® steel Matt Palettes

As seen on The Block 2019
Explore the COLORBOND® steel Matt Palettes

If you followed The Block 2019, you would have seen the contestants meeting with COLORBOND® steel Design and Colour Consultant, Christine McCoy, to discuss the exterior finishings and colours for their luxury houses. Each team spoke with Christine to discuss their concept and ideas and received advice from her about how to make sure that their style flows well from inside to out.

Selecting the right colours and materials for the exterior of your home couldn't be more important. When you build or renovate a house, you’re not just creating a home for your family or a place for special memories, you’re also creating a testament to your own taste - and your taste is the first thing visitors (and buyers) notice! It’s an exciting and highly personal process, yet choosing the exterior colours and materials is often a little daunting too.

To help with these decisions, we've put together a range of colour palettes for the COLORBOND® steel Matt range. This guide has been created to offer inspiring, curated colour palettes, and help you make more confident choices when selecting colours and materials for your projects.

Download the complete Colour Palette Brochure


COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt

Natural, earthy and offering just a blush of colour, COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt complements both natural and contemporary building materials to create a feeling of warmth and understated style. It's a versatile colour that is adaptable to a wide range of landscapes. The colour palette we have developed for this hue is warm and subtle - a reminder of how our homes can be a haven.


COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt


COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® Matt

This misty white colour is extremely contemporary yet beautifully simple. Equally at home in coastal surroundings and urban areas, it works well with a light neutral look, or paired with darker tones in more urban areas. The palette we've created effortlessly evokes a coastal landscape but this hue also works well with a range of different accent colours so you can truly express your personality.


COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® Matt


COLORBOND® steel Shale Grey™

Matt Fresh and light, this colour is extremely versatile and highly complementary to a range of colours. It can be layered with brushed steel, recycled timbers, aged brickwork or used all by itself. The COLORBOND® steel Shale Grey™ Matt colour palette demonstrates that this is a neutral classic, while offering the perfect backdrop for exciting splashes of colour.


COLORBOND® steel Shale Grey™


COLORBOND® steel Basalt® Matt

Timeless, refined, neutral and striking all at once this classic colour has been perfectly enhanced by the matt finish. This hue aligns well with building materials such as slender bricks, charcoal stained timbers, tinted glass or roughly textured concrete walls. The palette we've developed for this colour delivers a versatile look that evokes strength, calm and definitive urban cool.


COLORBOND® steel Basalt® Matt


COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt

Dark and handsome, and the deepest colour in the Matt range. The use of this dramatic, dark hue can be surprisingly subtle or openly dominant depending on the application within the landscape. This palette demonstrates that COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt can both quietly merge with its neighbours in a more urban setting or stand out brilliantly amongst the green foliage in more rural areas.


COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt


We encourage you to consider the feeling you want to create, and imagine these colour palettes as they are, or adjusted to your individual desires.

Download the complete Colour Palette Brochure and enjoy your colour journey with COLORBOND® steel Matt!

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Andy and Deb's Insider View

Andy and Deb on how to bring the 'outside in'

With COLORBOND® steel Matt
Andy and Deb's roof top
Deb and Andy

After arriving on The Block, we realised very quickly that this was going to be a lot harder than we anticipated. The original building was huge and in very poor condition. And to make the task even bigger, not only were we renovating the front of the building, we were also adding on extensions in the back. Once complete, each house would be twice the size of The Gatwick. We realised right away that we needed to think of ways to seamlessly mix the old and new. 

Once the shock wore off, our initial thought was to consider how the overall look outside could work with the ideas we had for the inside. We wanted to combine the exterior and interior aesthetic for a very cohesive look throughout. Creating a light filled space was paramount especially knowing that it was a terrace house – the middle in a row of five, and thus had very limited natural light coming in. Colour and surface choices were going to be extremely important to achieve the light and bright aesthetic we were after. 


Before at The Oslo


Having already used COLORBOND® steel on our renovation and building projects prior to coming onto the show, we were excited to hear that they were going to be a partner on The Block again this year. And better yet – we also got to work with COLORBOND® steel’s Matt range. Already familiar with the selection, we knew that this finish would highlight and complement the ideas that we had for the interior. The COLORBOND® steel Matt range diffuses light to create a soft and textured appearance which is what we wanted for the aesthetic of the entire build. From the flooring to the cabinetry, the COLORBOND® steel cladding and everything in between - all of our finishes in the house are matt. This has given our house a very cohesive look that flows from room to room. There is nothing jarring or pulling the eye - it’s very easy to be in the space and extremely beautiful. 


COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt Colour Palette


When we first met with COLORBOND® steel Colour and Design Consultant Christine McCoy we immediately began talking about our ideas, and what would work in all areas of the build. We chose COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt for our courtyard, rooftop terrace, back facade, front terrace and garage door. We knew that it all had to work together and also needed to work with the interior choices we had in mind. Christine really listened to our ideas and used her knowledge to help us carefully curate the colour selections for all of the areas we planned to use COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt. It was a huge relief to have Christine’s help! When renovating it’s important to not only focus on the outcome you want, but also to use professionals for advice and knowledge along the way. Christine knew the product range so well and was passionate about design aesthetics and colour palettes. She really listened to our ideas and then used her knowledge to help us find the perfect solution for our house.


Courtyard of House #3


We knew from the beginning that every small decision we made along the way would eventually impact the overall look of the finished home. Therefore, we kept a very close eye on every single detail - everything from skirting to door hardware, floor finishes, paint, colours and wall surfaces. So many elements tie in to create the final look and are crucial to the harmony of the home. Working on a different space every week and often on a different floor presented a real challenge and the risk of creating a house that would end up lacking sequence or connection. 

How we used COLORBOND® steel Matt

1. Front Exterior: 
After our meeting with Christine, we knew that COLORBOND® steel in Monument® Matt was going to be used for the front of the terrace. All five houses would have the same colour for a unified and cohesive street presence. We were excited as COLORBOND® steel in Monument® Matt is such a strong neutral and would add a great depth to our colour palette. 

Andy and Deb's Front Exterior


2. Courtyard: 
The inner courtyard is not only very visible from the kitchen and living/dining area, but also from the top two levels of the building. Therefore, the colour choice here was crucial to creating the airy and seamless flow that we so desperately wanted to achieve. We chose to stick with COLORBOND® steel in Dune® Matt to offer a natural, earthy feel. With just a hint of colour it coordinates perfectly with the light textures inside of our house and the shades of green in our garden. The result is retreat like - making the rooms feel lush, eye catching and harmonious. 


Andy and Deb's Courtyard


3. Rooftop Terrace, Rear Façade and Garage Door:
We continued the COLORBOND® steel in Dune® Matt onto our rooftop terrace. The space we created up here has a beautiful soft palette of earthy materials. Like the courtyard, it’s also open to the elements, so we needed the choices we made here to be beautiful and hard wearing. Our terrace has an uninterrupted view to the Melbourne CBD. When we made our choices for this space, we wanted to enhance the outlook and didn’t want anything competing with the amazing view. COLORBOND® steel in Dune® Matt did this perfectly. 


Roof top terrace


To keep the look cohesive, we selected COLORBOND® steel in Dune® Matt for the back facade and garage door as well. The result is spectacular – and we couldn’t be happier! 


Rear facade


Andy and I are so pleased that we’ve managed to create a home that is tranquil and peaceful yet also fresh, modern and sleek. Everyone who visits compliments the look and feel of the space along with how light it is and how large it feels. People don’t want to leave! 

The house might be located in bustling bayside St Kilda, but you can leave the busy city behind when you escape into the calm of the house. Using COLORBOND® steel Matt we’ve achieved our vision of luxury retreat style living and created balance and style inside and out. Andy and I couldn’t be happier, and we think the new owners will be too!

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New Extension Colour Selections

Contestants selected their cladding colours

With the help of COLORBOND® steel Colour and Design Consultant, Christine McCoy
The rear extensions on The Block 2019

In addition to the original The Oslo Hotel building, each of the homes in The Block 2019 also included a rear extension that was wrapped in cladding made from COLORBOND® steel Matt. Selecting the right colour was a critical decision for the contestants so they were given the opportunity to meet with COLORBOND® steel’s Colour and Design Consultant, Christine McCoy to discuss their options.

Andy and Deb in House #3 wasted no time at all selecting COLORBOND® steel Matt in Dune®. Wanting something that would work well with their interior palette, Christine was pleased with this choice as the colour will “play with everything you put out there” and “it will help to bring out different undertones” she explained.

House #5’s Jesse and Mel discussed the colour scheme that they had in mind for their “luxury” house with Christine, and how they were envisioning a “charcoal colour” but not “black, black”. Christine suggested COLORBOND® steel Matt in Basalt® to “take the edge off the dark”, and give them “a luxe feeling, that’s urban.”

With Houses #1 and #2 sharing the heritage listed “stables” that will be adjoined to their rear extensions, the two couples needed to decide on a colour together that would be applied to both of their builds. With Mark from House #1 taking the lead, the two couples mutually agreed on COLORBOND® steel Matt in Monument® to sit alongside the “beautiful heritage listed brickwork” said Luke from House #2.

Matt, who was there solo without designer wife El'ise, was initially very undecided about which colour to select. With Christine’s help he eventually picked COLORBOND® steel Matt in Surfmist®.

Many thanks to the contestants taking time out of their busy build days to visit the van and chat to Christine. The cladding on The Block 2019 looked amazing!

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COLORBOND® steel Matt Cladding

Courtyard Week

These 8-metre high spaces have been completely clad in COLORBOND® steel Matt. Easy to maintain, durable and simply stunning!
Andy and Deb's Courtyard

Week 9 on The Block was Courtyard Week, and it was another busy time for both contestants and trades. The first step was getting their COLORBOND® steel Matt cladding installed so that they could then take down their scaffolding and start to style the rest of their outdoor courtyard space. It was a tense first few days as the teams battled it out to see who could get their scaffolding down first and start on their flooring and landscape designs. 

All teams continued the COLORBOND® steel Matt colour selections from the rear extension to ensure a cohesive look for their home. Metal Cladding Systems Interlocking profile was chosen to accentuate the height and scale of each courtyard and each team had a very different approach to the design and styling of their courtyards. 

Our favourite was House #3, where Andy and Deb chose a simple design that tied in beautifully with their ‘Californian luxe’ style. “We were very conscious of the fact that our kitchen and living area flowed into the courtyard” said Deb. “We thought COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt would be absolutely perfect because it worked with all of our gorgeous timbers – especially the floors inside. We included built-in timber bench seating in the courtyard as well, and these combined with the greenery against the cladding made from COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt  is just the most incredible match.”


House #1 Courtyard

We also loved the combination of elements in House #1, based on their stunning cladding made from COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Monument® with a Palm Springs inspired printed feature wall (shown above). And in Jesse and Mel's winning 'tropical themed oasis' courtyard that features COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Basalt® (shown below).   


House #5's courtyard


See more photos of each courtyard: 

For information on detailing and working with COLORBOND® steel, or product maintenance, please call Steel Direct on 1800 022 999.

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In partnership with Launch Housing

The COLORBOND® steel Challenge on The Block 2019

In partnership with Launch Housing
One of the challenge houses

We were proud to partner with Launch Housing to sponsor the week #10 challenge on The Block 2019 and support people experiencing homelessness. Launch Housing is a Melbourne-based community organisation that is passionately committed to ending homelessness through direct action. 

“We provide high-quality housing, support, education and employment services to around 16,000 people across metropolitan Melbourne each year.” says Launch Housing Chief Executive Officer, Bevan Warner.

Launch Housing is currently setting up a new community of single-occupant homes in the inner Melbourne suburbs, and five of these homes were the focus for the 2019 Challenge.

Contestants were invited to use the COLORBOND® steel exterior colour scheme to furnish each home so that they had a continual flow from outside to inside. COLORBOND® steel Colour and Design Consultant Christine McCoy was on-hand to help guide contestants with their colour palettes and provide colour and design advice, before they each got underway. 

“The aim of our colour schemes was to give each home individuality – on trend combinations for exteriors but still be versatile enough to use a personal touch regardless of who lived there and how they wanted to dress it up.” said Christine McCoy

House #5’s Jesse and Mel, took away the $5,000 cash prize for their efficient use of the floor plan and wowed the Challenge judge, Shaynna Blaze, with their design choices. She loved how they brought their COLORBOND® steel colour palette of Surfmist® with accent Windspray® into the homes’ interior through their flooring choice and key decorative items. 

The five transportable homes are part of the Harris Transportable Housing Project, which is a partnership between Launch Housing, Harris Capital and VicRoads. It uses nine parcels of vacant VicRoads land in inner Melbourne to create 57 tiny homes for people experiencing chronic homelessness. 

Despite the tiny footprint of each home (20m2 internally and 9m2 externally), they are each completely self-sufficient with a living/sleeping/dining space, separate bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and dedicated storage. The modular homes were designed by Schored Projects and are part of the Fredi Modular Homes range. 

Sophie Dyring from Schored Projects, said that COLORBOND® steel was selected “Because it can be used as roofing and walling so there’s a seamless design aesthetic through the two applications”. She continued, “The form that we developed was also intentionally dynamic, with big cathedral ceilings to move away from the very boxy outcomes that modular homes often have. COLORBOND® steel suited this form.”


View each of the COLORBOND® steel Challenge Colour Palettes:

  • COLORBOND® steel Shale Grey™ with accent (front powder coated pole colour) in COLORBOND® steel Windspray®
  • COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® with accent (front powder coated pole colour) in COLORBOND® steel Monument®
  • COLORBOND® steel Basalt® with accent (front powder coated pole colour) in COLORBOND® steel Dune®
  • COLORBOND® steel Dune® with accent (front powder coated pole colour) in COLORBOND® steel Surfmist®
  • COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® with accent (front powder coated pole colour) in COLORBOND® steel Windspray®
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If you have a story you’d like us to share here or in social media, we’d love to hear from you.

Our email address is team@COLORBOND.COM.



Read below to see what our Design and Colour Consultant Christine McCoy has to say about COLORBOND® steel colours and textures.
Christine McCoy

With so much focus on making the most of colour and texture palettes, we’d like to introduce you to one of our colour and design specialists here at BlueScope - Christine McCoy. Christine works with builders and their colour and design experts to explore new ways to incorporate COLORBOND® steel colours and finishes into the designs they are developing for their homes. She also played a significant role in The Block this year which was really exciting for the team here at COLORBOND® steel. Christine’s background is a Colourist designing & making colours and palettes for major paint brands and running her own successful business as an Interior design consultant specifying interior & exterior finishes for clients. During this time, she has conducted workshops for leading boutique paint companies for designers, specifiers, painters and clients incorporating facets of the elements & principles of design.

Christine’s favourite colour is COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Dune®. She says “its undertones are a little ambiguous, they blush when you sit it against just the right landscape or environment, equally it is warm and earthy working with many building products from timber to sandstone.”

And Christine’s top tips for anyone considering the colour and texture palette for their home are:

  1. Think about the ‘whole story’ for the palette for your build. Then start by choosing the fixtures and fittings that work with your story and are hardest to change down the track.
  2. Think about the light and how it changes, and how this impacts the colours through the day.
  3. Recognise that all colours appear differently from one location to another and all colours are different depending on their texture. So, always testing in situ is paramount.

If you’re looking for some early inspiration, Christine suggests organic looks combined with minimalist finishes; mixing textures – for example combining a matt finish with something with a lustre or shine; and incorporating stronger, warmer colours.

Christine’s favourite images from our photo gallery are COLORBOND® steel Wallaby® in LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® profile (Image (1) by Bent Architecture) and COLORBOND® steel Night Sky® in a LYSAGHT profile (Image (30) by Room 11 architects, because both show colour, form and innovative uses for COLORBOND® steel.

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Restoring the Oslo to its former glory

Julian Brenchley, The Block’s architect, talks about his material considerations in restoring The Oslo to a better version of its former self.

Restoring the Oslo to its former glory
COLORBOND® steel colour Shale Grey™

The Block 2019 was once again located in St Kilda. This time the contestants were given the task of renovating and rebuilding the historic the Oslo Hotel.

The Oslo was built back in 1859, and the original design reflects the time’s style and available material choices. It was built with sturdy foundations and materials that have stood the test of time, which is why it has been transformed so many times. It has morphed from the original terrace-houses, to a single boarding house and was transformed back again into five luxury terrace homes on The Block 2019. It’s fair to say the Oslo has certainly seen a lot in it’s 160-years!

As part of the renovation completed by The Block 2019, the old and tired galvanised roof was removed and a new COLORBOND® steel Shale Grey Matt roof was installed.

Due to the age of the building, all changes to the original front section required council sign-off to comply with the heritage listings. The Block’s architect Julian Brenchley, wanted to showcase the heritage section of the build, by keeping the restoration true and timeless - like the Oslo.

When Brenchley came to BlueScope with the heritage build design - it would have been straight forward to recommend a straight replacement with a like for like material. However, after exploring the COLORBOND® steel range with BlueScope’s representatives and gaining an understanding of the durability, colour range and thermal properties of COLORBOND® steel - it was determined that COLORBOND® steel Shale Grey Matt, was aligned with the heritage listings qualifications and provided more benefits over the traditional galvanised roofing used in 1859.

“The COLORBOND® steel Matt range, provided the premium look we were after in this year’s modern restoration. The product diffuses light for a softer more textured matt appearance and offered several benefits over traditional galvanised roofing”.

"The technology and substrate behind COLORBOND® steel has continually been enhanced over the last 50 years. COLORBOND® steel’s entire product range showcases the smarts of years of testing and development. From Thermatech® technology, to COLORBOND® Ultra steel, COLORBOND® steel’s continued product innovation has helped firms like ours, demand more from our exterior material choices. The inclusion of the matt texture to COLORBOND® steel’s range, has helped us extend an interior trend to the exterior; whilst having no loss to the durability, that we’ve come to learn and expect.” said Brenchley.

As a result of responding to the current and emerging building design trends and demands, BlueScope has worked to make COLORBOND® steel stronger, lighter, smarter, cooler, more colourful, more durable than ever, earning COLORBOND® steel a position as one of the world’s toughest, most advanced building materials.

“COLORBOND® steel’s range of colours and matt finishes, include Thermatech® solar reflectance technology*, which reflects more heat from your roof’s surface. Combined with the right level insulation and good design, it can also help keep your home cooler in summer.” said Edward Truong, COLORBOND® steel’s residential segment manager.

“The addition of the matt texture to our range is just a further evolution of a product that’s been evolving for over 50 years; a product that’s now enabling architects and builders to push the boundaries of both new builds, renovation and even restoration projects.” said Truong.

To determine the most suitable material for your project, please contact your supplier or see *Excluding Night Sky®. Thermatech® is not available in COLORBOND® Stainless steel. COLORBOND®, Thermatech®, BlueScope are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. colour names are trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. © 2019 BlueScope Steel Limited ABN 16 000 011 058. All rights reserved.
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So many amazing people creating stunning builds featuring COLORBOND® steel.

With so many amazing people creating stunning builds featuring COLORBOND® steel we couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to capture a few of their stories for our #COLORBONDcreators series. In each story, we get behind the scenes of the build to get an insight into the colours and choices they have made.

We have Bec and George Douros, who chose COLORBOND® steel Basalt® Matt for their duplex conversion; David Barbour (The Block’s Co-Creator and Executive Producer) and his beautiful beachside home featuring COLORBOND® Ultra steel in the colour Windspray®; The Designory, a design firm who incorporated COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt into their stunning Byron Bay Villa, and ex-The Block favourites, Kyal and Kara who selected COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® Matt for their stunning Long Jetty renovation project.

Click here to be inspired.

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The subtle art of standing out

The subtle art of standing out

Available in five popular colours

The COLORBOND® steel Matt finish has been achieved using BlueScope's innovative Matt paint technology, creating a softer, more subtle look. It is available in a range of COLORBOND® steel's popular colours – Monument®, Basalt®, Surfmist®, Dune® and Shale Grey™ for roofing, walling, gutters, garage doors, fascia and downpipes.

So, whether it's colour, finish, or the freedom to create a simple flat roofing design or soaring shapes, COLORBOND® steel Matt provides you with even more opportunities to realise your design vision.

COLORBOND® steel was featured in multiple places across The Block 2019. This included the roof of the original part of the building being replaced with COLORBOND® steel Shale Grey™ Matt, and all houses including COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt fencing on their front verandahs.

Contestants also clad their new additions, garage space, internal courtyards and rooftop terraces in COLORBOND® steel Matt. House #1 and #2 (Mitch and Mark, Tess and Luke) selected COLORBOND® steel Monument® Matt, House #3's Deb and Andy chose COLORBOND® steel Dune® Matt, El'ise and Matt in House #4 went with COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® Matt, and House #5, Jesse and Mel decided on COLORBOND® steel Basalt® Matt. 

View the COLORBOND® steel Matt range

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