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COLORBOND® steel Wilderness® fencing inspiration.  Fog or mist on  trees in a forest


Colour Values

CMYK62 37 56 21
RGB100 113 94
Lively by nature

Resembling the fresh tones of native bushland, COLORBOND® steel in the colour Wilderness® is a subtle yet enlivening green with a balanced, mid-tone. Whether used in contemporary, traditional or more coastal housing styles, COLORBOND® steel Wilderness® complements warm materials such as red textured bricks, blonde timbers and terracotta paving, as well as the cooler tones of charcoal bricks, white-washed timber and concrete. COLORBOND® steel fencing in the colour Wilderness® will provide a unifying and lively outcome alongside native plantings.

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The colours shown represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as varying screens and devices may affect colour tones and finishes.